Skystream spins through turbulent urban winds

In partnership with the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust, Boston’s Museum of Science established the country’s first museum-based Wind Turbine Lab in the summer of 2009. The museum installed five small-wind turbines, including Skystream 3.7. As the center of attention for the museum’s Catching the Wind exhibit, the Wind Lab generates an interactive experience and valuable performance data, which, in turn helps government officials and renewable energy professionals, make informed decisions about projects and policy. The urban testing alludes to how the wind system performs in a bustling city environment, which usually is riddled with bouts of turbulent wind--causing most turbines to underperform. For our Skystream 3.7, the only UL 6142 certified small wind turbine in the industry, the system continues to perform successfully and robustly.


Turbine Diameter (m) Swept Area kWh m2 Wind Speed (m/s) Annual Energy (kWh) Energy/Swept Area kWh m2
Skystream 3.7 3.7 10.87 3 1522 141.6
Proven 5.5 23.76 2.6 2259 95.1
Swift 2.1 3.16 2.9 115 33
AVX1000 1.8 2.54 3.7 339 26.7
Windspire 1.2 7.43 3.1 174 23.4