Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy Systems for Telecom Sites

Hybrid energy systems combine wind turbines and solar panels with a diesel generator and a battery bank for energy storage. Because they take advantage of on-site energy sources and reduce fuel consumption, these hybrid systems provide an attractive cost-mitigating solution. Coupled with diesel and energy storage, a hybrid system minimizes down time and provides occasional (sites with a stable grid) or constant autonomy (sites with a poor grid or no grid).

How Can a Small Wind Turbine Help on Your Site?

Analysis of potential renewable energy resources (RES) is crucial to the success of any system. Professional evaluation consisting of solar data analysis and careful wind modeling and/or field analysis is paramount. Assessing a potential project with quality data and site details will result in reasonable performance estimates. The granularity of the data source is key. For wind, field measurements for every location are not practical, so it is important to use quality data based on the most scientific wind modeling technologies.

XZERES Wind offers comprehensive performance modeling and financial analysis to partners in the telecom sector. XZERES Wind will analyze renewable energy potential, configure an optimum system, and estimate return on investment (ROI) for any site worldwide.

Recommended Products for Telecommunications

Site Need Wind Solar GenSet
2-12 kW
10,000-35,000 kWh annually
Skystream 3.7
1-2 units
1-10 kW PV array 3-6 kW

12-50 kW
35,000-150,000 kWh annually

Skystream 3.7
2-10 units
10-25 kW PV array 6-40 kW
50 kW +
150,000 kWh annually
Skystream 3.7
10+ units
35 kW + 40 kW+

How to begin a site analysis. XZERES Wind can help you design a system uniquely suited to your needs. To get started, contact a XZERES Wind representative at (503) 388-7350 or toll free at 1-877-404-9438