Commercial Lighting Options for On- or Off-Grid Applications

Whether you're on the grid or off, XZERES Wind has wind energy solutions to power your lighting and building needs.

On-Grid Turbines Mounted on New or Retrofitted Light Poles

Single or multiple units of our Skystream 3.7 model work in tandem with your electric utility to power your building's needs. Our scalable light pole systems offset electric costs and create a visible renewable energy presence. Skystream wind turbines provide electricity directly to your facility. You'll use the energy generated by Skystream first and only pull from the electric grid during times when your needs go beyond what your turbines are generating. Skystream turbines can be mounted on shared infrastructure such as parking lot light towers to closely match the appearance of existing lighting. Whether you're retrofitting existing towers or you're designing for new construction, we work with you to create an integrated light and wind turbine system that perfectly meets your needs. For more about commercial solutions, see our Business/Retail page. The diagram below shows how to mount a Skystream on a new or retrofitted light pole.

How to Purchase a Skystream Wind Turbine

Skystream or AIR wind turbines can be purchased directly from an authorized XZERES Wind dealer. We can help you design a system uniquely suited to your needs. To get started, contact an XZERES Wind representative at (503) 388-7350 or toll free at 1-877-404-9438.

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