Generating Educational Opportunities and a Green Economy

For local governments, installing clean-energy systems such as wind turbines are the first step in setting an example for the entire community about the importance of decreasing dependence on fossil fuels. With a relatively small one-time investment in a Skystream wind turbine, cities, counties and even states can start producing their own energy to help power government buildings while helping educate others about the benefits of wind energy.

The Endless Power of Wind Energy to Benefit Your Community

Everyone benefits when local governments install Skystream wind turbines to help power public buildings. Local schools can take advantage of the turbine’s operation to teach important lessons in science, math, civics and the environment. Your government may even choose to set up a kiosk in public areas such as city hall or the courthouse to demonstrate the turbine’s operation and energy-producing capacity. Just as important for the future of your town or city, using wind energy helps attract businesses and residents who want to be part of a green community that’s doing its part to move toward energy independence.

Here are a few examples of cities using wind power:

  • Almere, The Netherlands - Transferium (Park and Ride)
  • Berkeley, CA – Park and Nature Center
  • Boston, MA – City Hall roof
  • Boston, MA – Museum of Science
  • Chicago, IL – Museum of Science and Industry
  • Golden, CO - County adminstrative campus buildings and parking lot lights
  • Goodnews Bay, AK - Water treatment facility
  • Hesperia, CA – City Hall
  • Lafayette, CO - Public library
  • Mackinaw City, MI – Eight-turbine micro-grid at Straits State Harbor
  • Peoria, AZ – Boat Marina
  • Perryville, AK – Village micro-grid created with 10 systems

See if wind will work for your community.