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A Green Energy Statement for All to See

Just think of it as the smart business solution that helps decrease the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Using clean, sustainable wind energy not only makes a positive impact on your bottom line by reducing your monthly electric bills, it’s also a highly visible symbol of your business' commitment to reducing its dependence on fossil fuels.

Wind Energy That Works With the Electric Grid

Our Skystream wind turbines produce energy that your business uses in conjunction with power from your electric utility.

When the wind blows, the energy that’s being generated by its spinning blades replaces energy that you’d otherwise be paying for in your monthly bill. When it’s not blowing, it’s business as usual with your electric utility. All with no loss of power at any time.

Save on Operating Costs While Promoting Your Business

Wherever you have open spaces with average sustained winds 9 mph (4.5 m/s) or faster, there’s money-saving potential for using wind energy to help power your business. Whether it’s a warehouse, factory, hotel, retail store, or high-traffic site such as a stadium.

Installing a Skystream wind turbine from XZERES Wind also can help publicize your business. Because turbine structures are so visible to the outside world, their installation often opens opportunities for free press from the media and creates welcome attention from potential customers who appreciate your company’s green-energy commitment.

How to Purchase a Skystream Turbine

Skystream turbines can be purchased directly from an authorized XZERES Wind dealer.

We can help you design a system uniquely suited to your needs. To get started, contact a XZERES Wind representative at (503) 388-7350 or toll free at 1-877-404-9438

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