Case Studies

Wind power lowers impact on the planet and the piggy bank

For Robert Hall and Maureen McGee of Flagstaff, Ariz., Skystream is an investment, not just in their own long-term energy savings, but in a more positive future.

“I believe the payback can’t be measured just in our electric bill,” says Robert. “One of the things that people often ask us is 'what is the return on your investment for buying a wind turbine?'”

Robert’s answer is more complex than a simple number. Read more »

Sun and wind power a street light

The first solar and wind powered streetlight in Texas was recently installed in Grand Prairie.

"Fort Hood has a wind and sun powered light pole, but to the best of our knowledge, this is the first time a city in Texas has installed such a pole," said Public Works Director Ron McCuller. "If it does as well as it has in other states, we’ll be able to use this technology in targeted areas throughout town where the cost of extending power to a site might be cost-prohibitive. We are excited to see how this test light does."

Solar Wind Technologies, LLC configured the system using solar panels, a small wind turbine, batteries and a special lamp, all mounted to a standard light pole. The solar panel uses the light from the sun converting it into energy stored in a battery, which provides power for the streetlight at night. For backup energy, the light pole also has a small wind turbine mounted at the top of the pole, which creates and stores power in the battery as it turns in the wind. If the battery is full, the turbine doesn’t turn.

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The good life on ice

Mike Kaiser lives in St. Paul, Minn., but on winter weekends, you’ll most likely find him living comfortably on ice.

Mike’s home away from home is an ice fishing shelter on wheels that offers every comfort and convenience of home. Even better, it’s powered entirely by a personal wind turbine (AIR X) and solar panels.

The fish house, measuring 7 feet by 25 feet, is not so much about fishing as it is about getting away in comfort. Electrically wired, the unit has heat and satellite TV and accommodates 4-6 people, sleeping two comfortably.

“If I can’t sit down and watch the Minnesota Vikings on a Sunday, I don’t want to be out there,” he says. “I like fishing, but to tell you the truth, it’s more about getting away. I like to get out there to play cards, drink a few beers and visit with friends and other fishermen. It’s kind of hard to explain, but ice fishing is a part of living in Minnesota.” Read more »

US Homeowner Cuts Electric Use: A year-to-year comparison

With a heart for the environment and a desire to do her part, Nancy Riddick has been interested in renewable energy for years – long before it was en vogue. The high cost was her largest roadblock to investing in renewables. Skystream changed all that.

After ongoing research about wind turbines, Riddick discovered the Skystream, which was not only significantly lower in price compared to other models, but also generated much higher efficiency levels as well. She began looking for a local dealer, but remained skeptical.

“We were half-way expecting some slick presentation with vague answers and empty promises, but Charles knew the technology through and through,” says Riddick about dealer Charles Crumpley of We Know Technologies . “Charles spent hours with us, and answered every question we threw at him with proven facts and statistics. His enthusiasm spilled over to us!” Read more »

Wind Powers Green Living Project in Kenya

In our series “In Action," the opportunities and benefits of personal wind turbines are shared through customer testimonials and regional case studies. Jane and Robert Jann have been building a model for sustainable living in Awendo, Kenya for several years. Along with food gardens and a home built using low-impact construction techniques, this site includes small-scale wind power to pump drinking water. The couple hopes that the site will serve as a case study for sustainable development and eventually supply UV-purified drinking water for people living in the area. Jane recently corresponded with Southwest Windpower about this project. Read more »