Raising a Skystream 3.7™? No problem

Raising a Skystream 3.7™? No problem

An inside look of our Dealer Training Course

With the sun shining high against a cloudless blue sky Wednesday, the students of Southwest Windpower's Dealer Training class were energized and eager to combine classroom knowledge with hands-on experience. Trenching in snow and mud, Ross Taylor, training manager, lead the class off-campus to disassemble and re-assemble an existing Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7™ installation at a local site.

The class carried the day with their fervency to participate in live-action choreography of a Skystream. The students took this opportunity to work together in order to determine relevant torquing, safe tower climbing techniques, level adjustments and blade removal. It was this vibe that congealed the students into a truly successful day.

What might have been an intimidating process turned out to be simple; a core message in Southwest Windpower’s products. They bring wind to you. 

Taylor instruced as needed, allowing the class to confront common obstables when lowering a Skystream, making sure there is appropriate tower support and thoughtful safety measures taken throughout the process. As questions arose such as proper hardware and the craftsmanship necessary to take on any stumbling block that may arise, Taylor explained a step-by-step remedy conceding dealer concerns to be heard and indivdually addressed.


It sounds simple and a no-brainer to take caution when lowering and raising a turbine; however, it never hurts to double check. Southwest-Windpower-Skystream-3.7-Dealer-Climb

Develop a check list:

  1. Use the recommended tools for installation and know how to use them.
  2. Always wear a hard hat, gloves and close-toed shoes.
  3. Disconnect the turbine and cut off power during tower lowering (typically for routine maintance) to prevent the turbine from starting up while you are working on it.
  4. Never work on a turbine while the blades are spinning.
  5. Read and review the product manual for both the hardware and software of turbine.
  6. Check with a Southwest Windpower Customer Care Represenative or call our techincal support to see if there were any updates or modications made on the product and its protocols. Our website is always availible for FAQ’s and installation guidelines.
  7. When in doubt, ask.


The soft hum of the rounded Skystream blades spinning against the bright blue sky and in the foreground of Arizona’s mountain range was music to everyones ears. Their hard work, engineering interest and active ingenuity stood before them, producing clean, renewable energy before their eyes. 

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