In the News: Research and Development in Renewable Energy, Small Wind Markets

In the News: Research and Development in Renewable Energy, Small Wind Markets

Bloomberg News
International Renewables Agency Hires Masdar Power Head Wouters
The International Renewable Energy Agency appointed as deputy director general Frank Wouters, formerly head of the power unit at Abu Dhabi’s government-owned low-emissions project Masdar.

VT Digger
$1.25 Million for renewable energy projects made available to home and businesses owners
The Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) announced today that the Clean Energy Development Fund Board has approved the allocation of an additional $1.25 million to support the installation of solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and small wind energy projects for home owners, communities, and businesses across Vermont through the Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program.

Clean Technica
Computer Modelling Could Help Boost Urban Wind Power
Researchers from Murdoch University in Western Australia are hoping to use three-dimensional modeling of urban wind flows to improve the design and efficiency of small wind turbines located in the city.

Power Grid International
Abu Dhabi prepares to pilot renewable-powered microgrid
Abu Dhabi is set to pilot a microgrid powered by renewable electricity, as part of a new public-private partnership between the Global Green Growth Institute, Masdar Institute and South Korea’s Research Institute for Industrial Science and Technology. The project is being supported by around $1 million in funding from GGGI and steel producer POSCO.

Huff Post Green Blog
Carbon Dioxide Cost Analysis Gives Renewables A Competitive Edge
It’s the wild card in renewables vs. fossil fuels debate: What price to put on carbon dioxide, which extracts social costs that escape capture by the free market?

The United States has estimated CO2’s toll to be $21 per ton, but a new analysis says the true cost is actually between $55 and $266 per ton – numbers that if accepted, would make renewables a far more competitive player in the energy marketplace.

Bloomberg News
Renewable Grants Threaten EU Single Power Market Goal, RWE Says
National support for renewable energy, such as guaranteed electricity prices, is one of the biggest threats to the European Union’s goal to create a single power market by 2014,, according to RWE AG.

Financial Times
Bulgaria: renewable price cut dispute could spook investors
Drastic retroactive cuts in the fees paid to renewable energy producers in Bulgaria has prompted a furious reaction from what was a fast-growing sector.

New York Times
Tax Credit in Doubt, Wind Power Industry Is Withering
Last month, Gamesa, a major maker of wind turbines, completed the first significant order of its latest innovation: a camper-size box that can capture the energy of slow winds, potentially opening new parts of the country to wind power.

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