In the News: Research and Development in Renewable Energy, Small Wind Markets

In the News: Research and Development in Renewable Energy, Small Wind Markets

France seen turning to renewables in policy shake-up
France’s government begins a review of the world’s most nuclear-dependent country’s energy policy on Friday, strongly in support of its small and ailing renewable sector.

Chicago Tribune
Polish ministries clash over support for biomass co-firing
Poland’s treasury, which controls the country’s top utilities, has criticized a draft renewables law written by the Economy Ministry in the latest sign of tension over support for green energy in the coal-dependent economy.

Retailers and renewables: Kohl’s ranks 3rd in solar generation
Kohl’s Department Stores ranks third among retailers in deployment of solar power systems, a report out Wednesday found.

The Solar Energy Industries Association analyzed on-site solar deployment by big corporation and found that the top 20 have generated enough power from solar to supply more than 460,000 typical homes, and generate an estimated $47 million in electricity per year.

Guardian UK Environment Blog
Wind energy could surpass global power demand—with huge hurdles
Wind energy could provide 20-100 times current global power demand, according to a study published this week in Nature Climate Change. Other studies have shown similar results, but they do not mean that wind power is all we ever need, says Ken Calderia of Stanford Univeristy’s Carnegie Institution, and co-author of the new study. “We’re always going to need a variety of energy sources,” Calderia told the Guardian.

Business Green
Huff, puff, and wind power
Putting politics before the evidence when it comes to wind power is bad for energy users and the British economy. George Osborne’s overtures to his “NIMBY” backbenchers may end up winning him few friends.
‘Switch’ explores world’s energy future
‘Switch,’ as a title, does double duty. It refers both to electricity (as in “flip a switch”) and change (as in “make a switch”). Since “Switch” is a documentary about what forms that world’s energy future will likely take, the title certainly fits.
Studies show wind’s potential; They say it could power the world, but that would take a lot more turbines
Earth has more than enough wind to power the entire world, at least technically, two new studies find. But the research looks only at physics, not finances. Other experts note it would be too costly to put up all the necessary wind turbines and build a system that could transmit energy to all consumers.

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