KidWind—A Clean Energy Science Movement [with video]

KidWind—A Clean Energy Science Movement [with video]

This week in Shoot the Breeze and throughout the academic school year, Southwest Windpower will feature KidWind, a movement that introduces windKidWind into our nation's classrooms. By bringing renewable technologies into the hands of our youth, we can ensure the growth of green careers and the economy.

Check back often to see what's new from KidWind!

Tell us what you think about bringing wind energy science and technology into America's classrooms on our Facebook timeline. Be sure to check out KidWind's other video links at the end of this post. And now, allow us to introduce you to Michael Arquin, the founder and director of this great movement.


KidWind, A Clean Energy Science Movement

By Michael Arquin, KidWind Founder & Director
Did you know that 50 percent of Americans are unable to name ONE renewable energy resource?

Did you know that barely half of Americans think climate change is happening and is caused primarily by humans?

KidWind addresses these knowledge gaps by inspiring teachers to integrate wind energy science and technology into classrooms all over the world. Our vision is to engage minds for a responsible future through a myriad of educational resources and opportunities for exploring clean energy science.  

We accomplish our vision in a number of ways. We offer free workshops for teachers and develop master trainers through our WindSenators program. We provide free curricular materials, including WindWise, our comprehensive high school curriculum. We also develop kits and materials that allow students to explore wind and other renewable energy resources in a fun, hands-on fashion.

KidWind has been the leader of clean energy education for nearly a decade. Through its efforts and the support of many generous sponsors over the last 10 years, KidWind and its WindSenators directly trained close to 8000 teachers in 275 workshops. This impacts 600,000 students annually!

The 2012-13 academic year is going to be big at KidWind. We are launching the second edition of our WindWise Curriculum (you can download this and other materials for free here.) We are also taking the KidWind Challenge into the national arena, hoping to hold Challenges in 20 states and a final event in chicago in May 2013.

If you want to be part of our clean energy science movement, check out the KidWind website, sign up for a newsletter, or find a WindSenator in your area and help them out or contact us directly. Let’s build a movement and move confidently toward a wind powered future.

Windy days,

Mike Arquin

KidWind Founder and Director

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