Green Trail Energy: The Swiss Army knife of alternative energy

Green Trail Energy: The Swiss Army knife of alternative energy

What’s in the mix at the Southwest Windpower headquarters? In our series "Building Blocks," we will explore new developments and innovations coming to life in our Flagstaff headquarters.

Our Skystream 3.7 personal wind turbine is one of several pioneering power sources available on the new Green Trail Energy MWS-7000, a mobile solar and wind powered energy and communication system.

Designed specifically to provide reliable and cost-effective power in remote locations, the system is also equipped with 16 on-board photovoltaic solar panels and absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries.

By producing low maintenance, emissions-free energy while also serving as a mobile communications tower system, MWS-7000 is ideal for various remote applications including military, government, disaster relief and telecommunications.

Dennis Wingo, chief executive officer of Green Trail Energy, came up with the idea during Hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts in which small, off-grid power systems were in demand, without proper or convenient supply.

The MWS-7000, which has also been called the “Swiss Army knife of alternative energy,” can be customized and is able to be transported easily via a one-ton class pickup truck or a standard shipping container, making it ideal for quick deployment in emergency situations.

Learn more about the MSW-7000 specifications and purchasing information here .

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