Elektrilevi Estonia approves Skystream 3.7 wind turbine for grid use

Elektrilevi Estonia approves Skystream 3.7 wind turbine for grid use

Elektrilevi logoEstonia has just joined the growing number of countries permitting electric grid connection for Skystream 3.7 wind turbines. Network operator, Elektrilevi officially approved Southwest Windpower’s Skystream 3.7 small-wind turbine for grid connection, Oct. 15. The turbine is now listed under Elektrilevi’s “List of micro-production equipment with certificates of conformity.”

“If you would like to help boost the use of renewable energy, one way you can do so is to start using a solar panel or a wind turbine to cover the electricity needs of your household,” the company states on their website. “We call this micro production electricity.”

To sell electricity that is self-produced and consumed, connection to the Elektrilevi network is necessary, according to the Tallinn, Estonia-based company. The user is then considered a “micro producer”. The process to become the aforementioned takes approximately two months time. The user can then connect to the company’s network using micro production equipment of up to 11 kW. The user can only be connected if their land is connected to the power grid, according to the company.

Elektrilevi supplies approximately half a million customers in Estonia, according to their website. The company maintains and repairs a total of 61,000 kilometres of transmission lines and more than 22,000 substations.

List of micro production equipment with certificates of conformity

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