Distributed Energy in the News

Distributed Energy in the News

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Obama Agrees: Wind Generators Make More That Just Energy
eMarine Systems, a Southwest Windpower master distributor, is benefiting from this new interest in wind generators. President Obama visited the highly endorsed Southwest Windpower in Flagstaff, AZ because they are the largest worldwide manufacturer of small wind generators (100 KW and below). It is difficult to truly appreciate how emerging technologies impact our economy.

Power Engineering
Arista Power Awarded Phase Two Development Contract From U.S. Army to Continue To Develop Intelligent Micro-Grid
Arista Power, Inc., a manufacturer, designer, and integrator of renewable energy generation, management, and distribution systems, announced today that is has been awared a $909,000 U.S. Army contract to complete Phase Two development of the new intelligent Scalable Micro-Grid.

Utility Products
Smartening Up the Power Distribution Grid
The India Smart Grid Forum has come out with a smart grid vision and road map, covering 3 five-year plans from 2012 to 2027. The ‘smart grid vision’ involves transforming the Indian power sector into a secure, adaptive, sustainable and digitally enabled ecosystems by 2027, that provides reliable and quality energy for all with active participation of stakeholders.

The Energy Collective
Is An Electricity eBay in our Future?
The Smart Grid can deliver significant changes to consumer interactions in electricity markets. Today, consumer enrollment in demand response (DR) programs is the typical form of participation with a focus on the production of negawatts. Among the most exciting possibilities for Smart Grid innovations are the opportunities for consumers to become prosumers – and participate as producers as well as consumers of energy in the distribution (low voltage) grid.

SF Gate
High-altitude wind power pioneer Corwin Hardham dies at 38
Corwin Hardham was part of a small clutch of engineers chasing a very large dream – high-altitude wind power. He co-founded Makani Power and helped develop the company’s flying wind turbine, which rises into the atmosphere to tap the strong, steady winds found aloft. The idea appealed to the windsurfer in him, as well as the environmentalist and the problem-solving engineer.

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