Is wind for you?

In our “Is Wind for You?" series we will discuss frequently asked questions and concerns when it comes to purchasing and installing a personal wind turbine.
Why the Skystream Hybrid 6 rocks [video]

Combined output of 3.8 kW delivers up to 700 kWh per month*

It may seem like wind energy and solar power are individual methods to produce energy. Aside from common misconceptions that you can either use only one or the other, the notion is entirely false. In fact, with energy being produced from both renewable sources, the more energy you have as an end result. Plus, when the sun sets, the wind blows. It is the best of both worlds. Read more »

Learning how to reduce your energy consumption

An easy guide on how to increase your energy efficiency

Thinking about purchasing a wind turbine to produce your own electricity, to become more energy independent and to get rid of those pesky utility bills? Great! However, before you dive into turbine research, let’s take a minute and talk about how you can reduce your energy consumption for your home or business by simply following a few energy efficient guidelines. You may lighten your carbon emissions, but your wallet will become a bit heavier! Read more »

Skystream 3.7® wind turbines power microgrid, sustains remote village

An update from Perryville, AK Read more »

Dealer Training: Wrapping Up

An inside look to our Dealer Training course Read more »

Facts, figures and everything in between

An inside look of our Dealer Traning Course

Day four of the March 2012 Dealer Training was a gambit of information. Ross Taylor, training manager for Southwest Windpower instructed his students on how to correctly install a Skystream 3.7™, the electrical considerations to do so, as well as the precautions on how to use a hybrid system off-grid using battery charging installations. Read more »

Wind 101: wind theory, evaluation and siting

An inside look of our Dealer Training Course Read more »

Take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit on your 2011 taxes!

Act by year-end: If you’ve been thinking of getting your own small wind or wind-solar hybrid system, this is a great time to act. The tax benefits for purchasing systems are significant – 30% of the entire installed system, less incentives, can be claimed as a tax credit, and there are even more benefits if you own a business.

If you are a home or boat owner: Read more »

Is Wind For You?

Determining how much energy I need

The size of wind turbine you need depends on your application. Small turbines range in size from 20 watts to 100 kilowatts (kW). Smaller 20- to 500-watt turbines are used in a variety of applications such as charging batteries for recreational vehicles and sailboats. Read more »

Wind and solar hybrid systems: A complementary relationship

There has long been a debate about which source of renewable energy is superior: wind or solar. In recent years however, it has become clear that one source most often does not outperform the other. Instead, there exist seasonal benefits to each source. It has been determined that both wind and solar have compelling benefits within their seasonal range. Read more »

Wind turbine success stories

How do I know if wind is right for me? Have other people in my situation and location been successful in installation and payback?

Check out the “In Action” section of our blog to read just a few of our wind energy success stories from diverse sites, geographic locations and customer needs.

To determine if your specific electricity needs can be met, take our Sitelook assessment and find out if wind is right for you