What can wind do?

It’s amazing to think that a breeze on a sunny day can turn into something powerful enough to create electricity to run our homes. What other super powers does wind have? In our series "What can wind do?" we will explore unique ways wind is changing our world.
Why the Skystream Hybrid 6 rocks [video]

Combined output of 3.8 kW delivers up to 700 kWh per month*

It may seem like wind energy and solar power are individual methods to produce energy. Aside from common misconceptions that you can either use only one or the other, the notion is entirely false. In fact, with energy being produced from both renewable sources, the more energy you have as an end result. Plus, when the sun sets, the wind blows. It is the best of both worlds. Read more »

Wind power brings energy to the world’s most frozen desert: Antarctica

Coated in glacial ice and averaging a high temperature of -76 degrees Fahrenheit in July, Antarctica remains the least inhabited continent on Earth. Here the Brazilian Criosfera 1 climate research station collects and transmits data under extreme conditions. During the five months of total winter darkness, the station is completely reliant on four small wind turbines. Read more »

Nebraska man uses Midwest wind to his advantage

Living in the second windiest location in Nebraska, Leon Cederlind installed Southwest Windpower’s Skystream 3.7® to his native prairie hay farm over a year and a half ago because he wanted to see an American-made wind turbine in operation. Some 17 months later, and Cederlind enjoys the occasion where he watches his meter run backwards, when his turbine produces more than he needs. Read more »

Skystream 3.7® wind turbines power microgrid, sustains remote village

An update from Perryville, AK Read more »

Arizona school pioneers a contemporary eco-education

An update from a Wind for Schools participant Read more »

Dealer Training: Wrapping Up

An inside look to our Dealer Training course Read more »

Facts, figures and everything in between

An inside look of our Dealer Traning Course

Day four of the March 2012 Dealer Training was a gambit of information. Ross Taylor, training manager for Southwest Windpower instructed his students on how to correctly install a Skystream 3.7™, the electrical considerations to do so, as well as the precautions on how to use a hybrid system off-grid using battery charging installations. Read more »

Liberty and Sustainable Energy for All


In the technology-saturated world that we live in, it is hard to believe that there are parts of the planet that lack basic electricity needs. For most, it would be impossible to live without plugging in, so to think that not everyone in the world can flip a power switch is a concept that many do not comprehend. Read more »

What is wind?

This seemingly simple question has a somewhat more complex answer.

Winds have encircled our planet since its origins. They have carried the sands of the Saharan desert as far as the Caribbean, generated vast weather systems that have battered ships and shores, and inspired great myths.

For thousands of years, humans have harnessed this invisible force. Egyptians utilized winds energy to power ships on the great Nile River. Its energy was later used to power mills for grinding grain and pumping water.   Read more »

Green gadget: Solar and wind powered mobile device charger

K3 Wind and Solar ChargerThe K3 Wind and Solar Charger from Kinesis Industries of Scottsdale, Ariz. is a rechargeable Lithium-ion 3.7-volt cell that can collect and store power created by wind, solar or AC power sources. The device is priced just under $100, but certain adapters cost extra, including the one for iPhone and certain iPods, which costs $14.99.

According to Kinesis, one hour in the sun or wind will create enough power to give your mobile phone about 30 minutes of talk time or your MP3 player more than 300 minutes of run time. When fully charged, a K3 can charge a mobile phone about five times and an MP3 device more than 10 times, according to the company. Read more »