Micro-Grids & Humanitarian

Cutting-edge wind technology powers the globe

XZERES Wind is devoted to the promotion and improvement of human welfare and sustainable infrastructure. Micro-grids and other projects supply electricity that elevates the standard of living and provides a measure of self-sufficiency to people living in remote and developing regions worldwide. Our technologies have helped make a difference in 120 countries and counting – from sub-Saharan Africa to India, Vietnam, and remote Alaska. Nothing stops us from bringing energy to where it matters.

Alaska Village Grid

For the 250 residents of Perryville, AK display of a 10-wind turbine micro-grid offsets the use of costly fuel.

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Remote Water Plant

A state-of-the art water plant in Goodnews Bay, AK now reaps the benefits of energy produced by a three-wind turbine micro-grid.

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