Flagstaff, Ariz. Chevron station cuts ‘fixed’ overhead costs

Wind turbines are part of conservation efforts that reduce utility energy consumption.

Station owners look at electric bills as a fixed cost that you can’t do anything about. But you can. You just have to be proactive about it.

-David Hallum, Vice President, Hallum Inc.


Hallum Inc. is a wholesale branded gasoline distributor and service station operator in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Southern Colorado and Southern Utah.


  • Reduce long-term costs
  • Use available high-wind resources
  • Starting point for other energy efficient upgrades to the station

Project Requirements

  • Affordable alternative to other green energy options
  • Spinning blades capture people’s attention
  • Turbine makes a public statement about being environmentally conscious

Site Details

  • Average annual wind speed: 6.4 m/s (14.3 mph)*
  • Location: 35.296266,-111.542691


  • Two Skystream 3.7 turbines, 10 m and 14 m (33 and 45 ft) monopole towers
  • Turbines provide clean, ready-to-use AC power (no external inverter or controller required)
  • “Behind the meter” connection reduces stations’ utility energy costs


  • Small-scale wind turbines and energy efficiency upgrades cut utility use by about 20 percent
  • Spinning turbines next to the highway draw attention from customers and passing motorists while differentiating the station from others in the area
  • Wind turbines are part of Hallum’s long-term strategy to reduce costs

*NOAA Satellite and Information Service